Solar Panels

Sleek and efficient.  

Solar energy is the new cool. Why is that? Because apart from helping save you money that you would ordinarily spend on your utility bills, solar energy also helps protect the Earth. Our solar panels are ultra-efficient at collecting the Sun’s energy, harvesting even with minimal exposure to light. Our panels are designed for efficiency and the ability to withstand the elements and the tests of time.  Heat up your world, not the Earth.

Residential & Commerical

We power your world. 

We are experts in connecting both commercial and residential properties to solar power solutions. Our goal is to transform power consumption as you know it by equipping your property with a reliable and sustainable source of power – the Sun. By installing a solar project in your home or office, you could qualify for a 30% tax rebate from the Federal Government. This applies to single family homes, multi-family developments and offices. Our highly knowledgeable team has all the information you need to obtain these rebates and reduce your cost of converting your property to solar power.

Government Projects

We have raised the bar. 

Get National Solar is qualified to work on federal, state and local government projects. We respond to all requests for proposals made available to us and pride ourselves on our highly competitive pricing and our unmatched quality of service. If you have an RFP for a project, click here and let us know the details.

3D Renderings with Solar Analysis & System Design

We specialize in 3D Renderings that show both a Solar Analysis and the our proposed System Designs. Call or email us today to get your free 3D visualization with design and special pricing.